Hope Beyond Hospital

We support the families in establishing an income generaring activities to enable them get financial stability to support their families on their daily basic needs

Patient Support 

At HCI, we recognize that patients undergoing treatment require both psychosocial support and assistance in accessing treatment. Psychosocial support is necessary because we understand that the cancer journey is both emotionally and mentally draining and needs both psychological and social care to ease it. Additionally, HCI partners with stakeholders to get the beneficiaries into treatment programmes.

Psychosocial Support

  1. Run Caregivers support group
  2. Organize home and hospital visits
  3. Provide food and clothing to beneficiaries

Homestay and logistical support for patient and caregivers

Provide accommodation for children and caregivers who reside out of the capital. (HCI home stay)

Kids Connect Forum

Provide safe space to “allow kids to be kids” by engaging them in fun-filled activities and development of artistic skills.

Facilitate Fun-filled Activities

  1. Provide in-door games such as cross-words, puzzles, scrabbles, chess, toys
  2. Provide outdoor games such as trampoline, see-saws, slides, and swings
  • Provide equipment to watch child-friendly movies and programmes

Artistic Skills Development

  1. Organise drawing and painting sessions
  2. Organise music and dance sessions

Grant a Wish

HCI offers children with cancer and/or other life-limiting illnesses the chance to take a break from the challenging experience by allowing them to have their wishes and dreams come true. Such dreams may include taking a family vacation, attending an event, purchasing a desired item, travelling and adventure or meeting someone special. Whatever the wish, HCI aims to help children with advanced illness and their families enrich the quality of their lives and create meaningful memories.

Adopt a Wish

  • Compile a wish list from the children
  • Establish the Center’s wish list
  • Approach potential funders/sponsors to adopt the wish (es)
  • Grant the wish